Fresh expressions of faith take us outside our church buildings and into the community in fresh, innovative ways to reach new people in new places in new ways. This might be a gathering of people in a gym, coffee shop, park, or even at the river. Meet people where they are already gathering in new, exciting ways for Christ.


Fresh Expressions of Faith: Saturday, March 30th

Are you being called to kindle new relationships in your community to reach new people in new places for Christ? If you are ready to start a spark with a fresh expressions of faith, you will want to attend this event. Gather your team and come explore the first steps in developing a fresh expression of faith. This is for people who are exploring or just beginning the first steps. This event is an equipping opportunity for both clergy and laity.

Recommended Resources

Fresh Expressions: A New Kind of Methodist Church For People Not In Church

by Kenneth H. Jr. Carter and Audrey Warren

Ken Carter and Audrey Warren offer this book as a group study for church leaders and congregations who are in the grip of Holy Spirit motivation to renew their tradition by reaching people who are dechurched or not yet in a discipleship relationship with Jesus.

From the Steeple to the Street

by Travis Collins

In From the Steeple to the Street, Travis Collins addresses the cultural realities behind the Fresh Expressions movement, as well as the movement's theological underpinnings. From practical experience, Collins offers insights to local church leaders on how this might unfold in and through your church.