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Church Transformation

Transformation work in a church is a deep dive into the church’s current reality and discerning where God is calling the church for tomorrow and beyond.  Church transformation requires a multitude of tools from the “tinder box” to start or refuel your church’s fire to reach new people for Christ.

Dream Weekend

The church will conduct a provided self-study to help establish a through evaluation and understanding of the current church reality. This study will be provided to a facilitator who will lead a one-day workshop. The workshop will provide the congregation with both learning and practical steps to revitalize the church to be more vital in creating disciple makers. A MAP (Ministry Action Plan) will be created by the congregation for implementation.

M3 - Moving from Maintenance to Missional

Step Two of this process (see Step One in Learning Communities) offers the next step in helping the church evaluate their ministry for vitality, competence, and missional-focus. A facilitator will walk the congregation through a process to determine next steps in their shift of “moving from maintenance to missional.”


Is your church a roaring flame for Jesus, embers in the fire ring, or something in between? Every church can incur multi life cycles over time. This one-day workshop takes a congregation through a complete understanding of the life cycle of a church and helps the church assess where they are in their current life cycle. Explore the components of the life cycle including vision, relationships, ministries, and structure and how they relate to one another and to each life cycle stage. Walk away with an action plan to create a new life cycle for your church.

If your church is interested in a tinder box process to stoke the “fire” in your church, please contact us.

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