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Coaching has become one of the premier ministry tools to both light ministry fires and to stoke existing fires to burn brighter. Coaching closes the gap between a person’s current reality and their desired future. Coaching is forward thinking and allows for the opportunity to climb on the balcony for big picture views. Coaching is collaborative, supportive, and challenging.

Coaching can take on many forms. There is pure coaching (agenda set by the coachee), coaching for planters, coaching for transformation, coaching towards a specific process or outcome, worship coaching, and more.

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Meet the Coaches

Dennis Otto

Dennis is part of the team of the Clergy Coaching Network. He has completed the course work for International Coach Federation (ACC) with the Intentional…

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Jen Williams

Ministry is tough!!! I understand and have experienced that a coach can help with ministry in the local church. I’ve got over 700 coaching hours,…

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Jim Ozier

I recently retired from the North Texas Conference where i was responsible for starting new churches and congregational transformation. Prior to that I pastored a…

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Karen Weiss

Rev. Karen L. Weiss is an ordained deacon and trained spiritual director and coach. She coaches people to help them set goals, focus in on…

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Ken Willard

Ken Willard is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. After 20 years in the business world, he made the transition to full-time ministry…

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Lucinda Holmes

Lucinda comes to coaching and vocational mentoring with over 30 years of local church experience from a micro sized congregation to multiple staff large church…

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Nicole Kirksey

I am Nicole Kirksey, the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Foundational Gifts Life & Leadership Coaching. I have been a certified Christian life coach…

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Patricia Shope

Patricia Shope, Ph. D. is a practitioner in the field of training and development with over 25 years of experience. In this capacity she has…

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Rev. Ryan Krauss

Rev. Ryan Krauss is an elder in full connection in the Susquehanna Conference. Originally trained as a park chaplain, he’s experienced growth in both small…

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Rev. W. Douglas Mills, PhD

I am a coach and a trainer of coaches and I can help you in business, professional, or personal life. I work with individuals, but…

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