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New Places for New People

Are you stoked to reach new people in new places in a new way for a new day? Four primary strategies have been identified to create new places for new people in the Susquehanna Conference.

Fresh Expressions of Faith

Fresh expressions of faith take us outside our church buildings and into the community in fresh, innovative ways to reach new people in new places in new ways. This might be a gathering of people in a gym, coffee shop, park, or even at the river. Meet people where they are already gathering in new, exciting ways for Christ


Sometimes the fire is just not burning as brightly as it once was. A new thing to reach new people in a new way within an existing facility is a re-start. The church would go dark for up to a year as a church planter connects with the community gathering new people to do a new thing for Christ in the mission field. The church would then re-launch with a whole new congregation.

Vital Mergers

A vital merger is when two or more congregations come together with a new vision to do a new thing to reach new people in a neutral location. These congregations are not coming together for the mere sake of survival, but because they believe God has a new preferred future for the community.


This model takes advantage of centralized operations such as shared worship planning, bookkeeping, staff, and administration. Multiple building locations have a shared vision. Multi-site needs to start with a healthy, vital, growing congregation who has a heart to duplicate this vitality in other locations to reach new people.

Take the Next Step!

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There are three engagement levels to get you started:


This is your starting place. If you need help kindling some ideas on the different strategies to create new places for new people, this is your starting point. If you would like to host a Kindling Event or would like further information, contact Hannah Sledge at


Once you have kindled your thoughts and ideas and have identified which of the four strategies you would like to pursue, this is your second step. Dive deeper into one of the four strategies (fresh expressions of faith, re-starts, vital mergers, and multi-site) for more understanding of the concepts behind the strategy and how the strategy might become a reality.




Now that you have determined which strategy you will implement, let us help you ignite the fire! This is the implementation stage. Training and coaching are available.

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