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Rev. W. Douglas Mills, PhD

I am a coach and a trainer of coaches and I can help you in business, professional, or personal life. I work with individuals, but also with organizations or teams to lead strategic planning or organizational health. If you are stuck; or if you want to think about change; if you want to focus on health, or family, or spirituality; if you want someone to “walk” with you and ask all the right questions… then make a coaching appointment now. I will help you discover your potential, achieve your goals, and find balance and vitality. I have a passion for helping others find their passion and compassion. I began as an religious coach for Hollywood personalities and as a life coach for an NBA coach. I specialize in finding the life-changing, powerful questions that guide individuals or groups into a healthy future. While I coach in a wide array of topics, I am most often consulted by churches and pastors to guide strategic planning or accountable leadership and simplified structure. Contact: 505-359-0052 or

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