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Vitality Teams

Each District has a team of people who are equipped and ready to be dispatched to meet the needs of the congregations in their District.  If you are looking for a facilitator for a workshop, someone to lead strategic planning, or assistance in trying to discern a new future for your church, contact the Office for Equipping Vital Congregations or your District Superintendent.

Church Vitality Tools

If your team or church need to rekindle the fires or need additional tools to stoke your existing fire, we have additional tools to assist you.  Contact the Office of Equipping Vital Congregations for more information contact us.

Ways We Can Help:

Building and Equipping Teams

Connection Process

Visioning Process

Strategic Ministry Planning

Developing an Intentional Faith Development Process

Developing an Intentional Leadership Development Process

Ministry Audit

How to Conduct a Bridge Event

Three-Steps to Evangelism

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